people practices: Elpis knows that there are moments in any organization's history when strategic thinking around people practices can be crucial to helping an organization move forward.  This is particularly true in times of transformation, strategy change, rapid growth or leadership turnover.  Ensuring that an organization’s people practices are authentic, effective and reflect the values of the organization is instrumental to building trust with employees and creating a working environment in which everyone performs at their best.  Whether it’s to address a specific need, like developing HR metrics or revamping an overly complex and ineffective performance management system, or more generally acting as a thought partner to help determine how to prioritize where to make people improvements, Elpis can help.  And, since many small to medium sized organizations don’t have large HR departments, Elpis can also provide the short term organizational capacity needed to move high impact HR initiatives forward quickly and cost effectively.

leadership: Even the greatest leaders face times of leadership challenge during their careers.  Times when they need to take a step back and examine their style and effectiveness in the face of a set of unique or emerging circumstances.  At Elpis, we provide both rigorous coaching as well as ongoing thought partnership to leaders in order to keep them focused on achieving critical organizational objectives while enhancing their management skills and style.  In our in depth coaching model we work with leaders to address specific areas on which they’d like to improve, setting clear up front goals that identify how they would like to operate and how they would like their organizations or functions to run.  We then work together, improving practice while monitoring progress toward those goals throughout the coaching engagement.  Alternatively, our partner coaching model is designed for leaders in search of regular thought partnership to develop solutions to emergent challenges as well as to create regular moments to brainstorm on more strategic matters with an experienced executive that understands their organization and context.        

strategy: Having a clearly articulated business plan with actionable strategies is paramount to any organizations’ success. This is true at any point in an organization‘s lifecycle. So, whether you’re creating a business plan for a new enterprise, or refreshing an existing strategy as a result of changing internal or external conditions, Elpis can help. Knowing that one template or methodology doesn’t fit all, Elpis works with organizations to determine the right approach to develop their strategy. This can take many forms … be it leveraging the practical framework of a traditional business plan or facilitating a session with a leadership team, Elpis can provide the perspective and means to articulate a strategy that internal and external constituents will rally around and work toward achieving.  Always critical to this work is defining specific mission outcomes that the organization is committed to achieving and identifying metrics that allow the organization to monitor progress and proactively respond to changing internal and external conditions.